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Sunday, January 1, 2023

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Volume 42 Table of Contents Issue 1
3 Reasons to Avoid AT&T Stock in 2023
Was This $100 Billion Deal the Worst Merger Ever?
T-Mobile Data Breach: You Could Claim Up TO $25K - But You'll Need To Do It Soon
AT&T Outage In Elmhurst May Be More Widespread
Happy New Year!
Message-ID: <tophm7$11g8i$> Date: 31 Dec 2022 09:41:11 -0500 From: Bill Horne <> Subject: 3 Reasons to Avoid AT&T Stock in 2023 By Jeremy Bowman A turnaround seems unlikely for the telecom giant. One of the most important skills a value investor can have is being able to tell the difference between a value stock and a value trap. Take AT&T, for example. The telecom giant has long been popular for its high dividend yield, but its stock performance has been consistently underwhelming.
Message-ID: <toplsq$11g8h$> Date: 31 Dec 2022 10:52:59 -0500 From: Bill Horne <> Subject: Was This $100 Billion Deal the Worst Merger Ever? At Time Warner, executives saw AT&T as just a “big phone company from Texas.” At AT&T, they thought Hollywood would play by their rules. That combination led to strategic miscalculation unrivaled in recent corporate history. By James B. Stewart James B. Stewart, a columnist at The New York Times, interviewed more than two dozen people involved in the AT&T-Time Warner merger and its aftermath, including both former chief executives. Soon after a sweeping courtroom victory in 2018 cleared the way for AT&T’s $100 billion takeover of Time Warner, John Stankey, AT&T’s chief operating officer and the newly anointed chief executive of Warner Media, summoned his top Warner Media executives to a meeting at the Time Warner Center off Columbus Circle. They included Kevin Tsujihara, the head of the Warner Bros. movie studio; Richard Plepler, the head of HBO; and Jeff Zucker, CNN’s chief executive. Mr. Stankey handed them a typed document titled “Operating Cadence and Style,” and sat there while they read it. The memo was two pages, single-spaced, and the silence stretched for what seemed an excruciating length.
Message-ID: <toq5ab$13ogc$> Date: 31 Dec 2022 15:16:05 -0500 From: Bill Horne <> Subject: T-Mobile Data Breach: You Could Claim Up TO $25K - But You'll Need To Do It Soon More than 76 million T-Mobile customers could claim part of a $350 million payout, after a huge data breach. By Ben Demers Since 2021, T-Mobile has been reeling from a massive data breach affecting the personal information of more than 76 million customers. The telecom giant announced in August 2021 (opens in new tab) that hackers had accessed countless customer names, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, addresses and dates of birth. The plaintiffs' attorneys announced a consolidated class action lawsuit in May 2022, alleging that “T-Mobile completely failed to meet its privacy obligations and protect sensitive consumer data. Instead, T-Mobile suffered one of the largest and most consequential data breaches in U.S. history.”
Message-ID: <toplad$11g8h$> Date: 31 Dec 2022 10:43:10 -0500 From: Bill Horne <> Subject: AT&T Outage In Elmhurst May Be More Widespread [teecom] Residents say the problem is bigger than the company originally acknowledged. By David Giuliani ELMHURST, IL – A number of Elmhurst residents reached out to Patch to say that an AT&T internet outage may be wider than the company acknowledged Wednesday. In an email, Barry Rollins, who lives in the 700 block of South Fairview Avenue, said he has been without AT&T service for nearly a week. “The problem is far more widespread than AT&T has told you, and they know that,” he told Patch. “Based on my experience, AT&T has figured out how to ignore or deflect their problems and blame it on the ‘weather’ or say it’s at a hub, or an isolated incident. These are all answers my family has received from AT&T; answers depend on which AT&T rep finally answers the phone.”
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